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Assalamualaikum guys!Im having  hard days during this school holiday. I keep crying for 30 mins last night and continue when im awake.. Mata pun dah bengkak.. And now, im keep crying because of The Master's Sun. Im touched with the 2nd episode. Its all about a FRIENDSHIP. Waaa,, Can I be like Tae Gong Sil ? Im seriously wanna be like her! wait a second.. No.. i dont wanna be like her, but i wanna gift likes she got! Its awesome to see ghost/dead people. They ask your help to solve their problems. Its kinda weirdo/nonsensical but its a funny drama and you guys should watch it.. And  L in that drama as cameo(Joong Won).

Okay, enough for Master Sun.. Lets move on The Heirs!  Im totally into it. I cant stop laughing when there is Myunsoo, YounG Do, Bo Na, Chan Young

Kim Tan is seriously funny at this time. He like a big boss.. He called his senior and friends to help him but they refused it. 

He keep ordering likes his friends will help him xD

I thought Myunsoo stand up to help Kim Tan but its opposite like what i'm thinking about. xD

Thats him! LOL

I love this scene! At last, Young Do helped Kim Tan! so it is officially they're become a BFF like they used to?

Kim Tan in a marathon right now ! XD
This is what you want pakgad??!!
Its me Young Do xD
Its your fault Pakgadd! Poor my Young Do !
Im going to do a little spam about my Unnie <3

Bo Na helped Eun Sang <3

Hes glad to hear that..

My adorable Unnie <3

Shes too cute!

Myung Soo imitating likes a youngest daughter in Jea Guk's family due to the news about Kim Tan.. 

Funny scene <3

Lol xD

They ignored what Eun Sang said before.. XD

They supposed to watch the movie but,, hehe Eun Sang !

Funny to see them watch out by Eun Sang <3
Okay,, the rest, you should watch it by yourself! 
Annyeong !